How to make changes to an embroidery design

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How can you make changes to embroidery designs?

Making changes to an embroidery design

You bought an embroidery design online but now you want to add or remove text or other parts or maybe resize it. Here we keep it real and give you the ins and outs on what is possible or not. A little insight to help you bring your creative idea to life

What are embroidery design files? 

How are they made?

Before making changes to an existing embroidery design it is good to understand the process how embroidery designs are made. This will help you to get some insight in what can and can’t be done. The process of making an image into an embroidery design is called digitizing. Basically converting drawn lines of images and artwork into stitches. Almost like translating words to a different language. Translating is one thing ,interpreting the design needs skill that can take years to acquire.

That’s where the digitizer/designer comes in.

Is the design an EMB file or a machine file ?

What is the difference ?

The first file that a digitizer makes in the embroidery software when he or she creates a new embroidery design is the master file. This is called the EMB file. From this file all machine formats are drawn. EMB files are rarely sold online and remain property of  the digitizer or designer in most cases. Unlimited changes can be made to EMB files. Resizing, recoloring, or whatever you like done to it. The EMB file now needs to be converted to a machine file. The making of these files is also done in embroidery software. There are many different soft wares on the market for home digitizing and more advanced ones for the industry. Learning to use them takes practice. 

What is the file I need for my machine?

How do I now what type I need ?

Every machine brand uses a different “language” so to speak. Meaning a different way it reads the stitches in the file .These are called machine format types. Some common ones are PES,VP3,SEW,DST. All these are drafted from the original EMB. Make sure to check the manual of your machine to find out which file type your machine uses, or ask your dealer. It will only be able to produce embroidery with it’s designated file type. This is the type of embroidery file you can buy online or that you receive when ordering a custom design. Every fabric needs specific settings in the software, a certain type of stabilizer to get good results and no puckering or distortion. All this information is programmed in to the file to tell your machine what to do.

What changes can I make ?

What is needed for it ?

The first thing you need to make any changes to an existing embroidery file is embroidery software. Making changes to an EMB file is almost unlimited. Most brands of software can let you make changes to files made in a different software brand then the one you have. NOTE ! The version of the software does have to be similar. You can compare it with a computer’s windows version of 2002 with a version of today. Some documents may not open on the older or lower version. Making changes to a PES or other type of machine file is limited. A little bit of resizing or adding lettering for example. Removing elements, skewing  text or changing the font type will not work in most cases.

The solution

Embroidery is all about embellishing ,customizing items an making something personal that is an expression of you. Searching for the perfect design that reflects your style can take hours to decide upon. Once the embroidery is stitched on it’s almost forever. It will last a long long time if done properly. Feel overwhelmed or feel that you do not have enough experience to make changes to a design ? Not sure about investing in software or you just don’t have the time to learn how to use it ?

We take out the guess work and having to take years learning digitizing by providing you quality stitch files and relevant designs.

We offer :

  • Customization services for existing files .
  • Creation of special text and lettering files to add to existing designs
  • New files for custom orders for logos or other types of artwork. 
  • Online shop with ready made designs

Simply send a message trough Facebook messenger, get some inspiration on our Instagram, send an email or fill in the contact form below to get a free quote and explore the different options.

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