About Patrimoin designs

Embroidery designs that reflect your image, culture and heritage

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Fanny Van D.

IMG 20221101 230118768 2 Designs with a unique blend of culture and style. Rasta vibes, Afro futuristic, heritage and Roots & Culture. designs

Inspiring future generations,

with images and symbols from our heritage


This is a one woman operation, and I will  grow the collection with new designs on a regular basis.

I give much time and care to test stitch every design before it is uploaded on the web shop. In case you do have an issue with one of our designs, or require customization, please send us an e-mail. Always happy to assist.

The advice I give on materials to use and tips to achieve the best result are based on my own experiences trough trial and error.

I am not sponsored by any brand at the moment. Should this be the case in the future, it will clearly mentioned.