Embroidery designs and Apparel

Designs that reflect the unique blend of culture, style and fashion that define you.
We created a mix of Vintage vibes, Afro futuristic, Rooted in heritage, Kinks & Curls, Afro-Glam, Melanin Metropolis or Roots & Culture.
Whatever your style flavor is we deliver  rich and captivating collections of quality items with images that resonate

Embroidery designs

Our inspiration comes from the beautiful artwork and crafts of people of color from around the world. From jewelry, paintings, woven fabrics, hand printing, sculptures, rock art, contemporary fashion culture and so much more 

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How to make changes to an embroidery design

What are embroidery design files and how to change them. How to add text to an existing embroidery file. [...]

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Hooping thick fabric(06)

What does it mean to "float "an embroidery design ? It is a technique used when a fabric or item is either too thick or to big to be clamped in the hoop. Items with weird shapes or areas[...]

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For your home embroidery or business

Make a statement with meaningful symbols from our ancestors and contemporary culture[...]

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