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Grow your business, establish your brand with the luxury look of embroidery.




What we need from you :


A good quality image 

The type of fabric the embroidery will be stitched on

The required size

The brand of your machine or file type it uses

 Good artwork                                      Bad artwork


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What we offer :

Quality digitizing of your logo and artwork

Fair price quote free of charge

Pre approval document

Files for every possible machine brand

Pre test stitching before delivery of the file

Printable pdf worksheet that includes all the info needed for stitching

Secure payment with payment method of your choice 


Pricing starts as low as 10 € euro ⁄ dollar !

How is the pricing done?

  • The price is made up by the amount of details.
  • Font type (Stock or custom)
  • The amount of colors 
  • The size needed
  • The quality of the given artwork. If we need to vectorize a JPEG/PNG or other type of image, this will add to the cost.
  • How many machine brand formats you need


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Simply fill out the contact form and add your image to get a quote

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