A small embroidery machine is all you need

When looking at embroidery designs, it’s easy to think that only a big expensive machine can give top results.

The truth is that the success of the project starts with a quality design that is professionally digitized. 80% of problems that occur during the stitching of a design are to blame on the quality of the design and how it was made.

All the designs that you find in the patrimoindesigns web shop, have been tested on one of the less costly machines. The Pfaff Creative 1.5!

In the line of embroidery machines, the Pfaff brand has many different levels of machines.
The Creative 1.5 sits at the lower end of the price range. Affordable yet with enough assets to get you started.
Always wanted to do your own embroidery with designs that reflect your culture and heritage? No big investment needed to make your dream come true. An expensive machine is not what you need to start.

It starts with getting to know your machine and learning about machine embroidery while practicing and having fun.

Of course,once you catch the bug you might want to upgrade to a machine with a bigger hoop and more features.

I embroider and sew on my Pfaff ,yes it’s a combo machine that can do both, on this little work horse daily and have been for two years.

Check out the video on what Hayley from Barnyarns UK has to say about it.


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