African Cowry shell


The Cowrie Shell: Monetary and Symbolic Value.

A simple and easy to stitch classic symbol of Africa.

This beautiful cowry shell with soft feel satin stitches is suitable for sweater like fabrics, knits and medium weight cottons.

The soft feel of the shiny split satin stitches of the Cowry Shell design can complement almost any item or garment. The brown of the delicate outlines add to the natural look .

The attractive white shell has all the characteristics required of money: easy to handle and carry around due to its light weight, non-perishable, good for small and large purchases.

The cowrie — or cowry — shell was one of the most successful and universal forms of currency in the world. In West Africa though, the humble shell worked its way into the cultural fiber, taking on a deeper symbolic and ritualistic meaning that has never been entirely lost.

The cowrie is also protective charm (gris-gris) adorning the outfits of hunters and warriors

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African Cowry shell
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