Kwele African tribal mask


Intriguing shapes in this African mask embroidery design. Inspired by a tribal mask of the Kwele.

The Kwele people believe in witchcraft and blame all their personal and social ills on its influence. The Kwele protect themselves

 against the power of witchcraft with the ‘beéte’ ritual.

The spirits are represented in the form of ‘ekuk’ masks. ‘Eku

k’ means the ‘spirits of the forest’ and the ‘children of the beéte’.

Kwele masks  are often painted with white kaolin and red clay.  Reflected in the deep and rich, earthy embroidery thread colors of this design.

Kwele ‘ekuk’ masks are beautifully stylised with a heart shaped face, almond shaped eyes

The Kwele occupy a large area across Gabo,Cameroun and Congo.(source:African Masks – Kwele

 Mask (

african embroidery design kwele people Gabon Cameroun Congo
Kwele African tribal mask
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