Kota Tribal Mask


Beautiful golden and copper colored threads ,combined by embroidery blending technique are used to mimic the brass and copper metals used to cover the wood of the tribal mask. 

The Kota people from Gabon are noted for their sculptural figures which are called ‘mbulu-ngulu’. They are carved in wood and covered with sheets of brass or copper to increase their power.

The Kota  tribe calls these statues guardian or reliquary figures as they protect the relics of an ancestor that are contained in a box. The Kota revere the relics of their ancestors as they believe that they can call on their power to assist them with their troubles in this life.

 The word ‘Kota’ means to bind or link together – an appropriate name to unite a tribe.

So when you need a little  assistance from the ancestors, this design is the perfect companion and can be embroidered on various  items.

Stitch it on a hoodie or why not a felt wine bag to unite with your tribe at a get together.

(Have a look at our example of the wine bag sleeve.Sewingsupport.com has free patterns to make your own). 42 Free Wine Bag Patterns (sewingsupport.com)

Check the size details in the description  below.

Not suitable for thin fabrics

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Kota Tribal Mask
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