Senufo Korhogo antelope


Beautiful stylish embroidery design, perfect for home decoration like table runners, placemats or pillow cases.

Korhogo comes in neutral and earthy tones like browns, blacks and creams.

Korhogo is made by hand painting designs on hand woven and hand spun cotton fabric. The paintings are done using a specially fermented mud-based and natural vegetal pigment that darkens over time

The organic style of the design mimics the black hand painting on hand woven cotton cloth.

Inspired by KORHOGO fabric from the Senufo people of Ivory Coast. The Senufo use the cloth as a shield against vengeful spirits by wearing or hanging them in homes
Through these Korhogo fabrics you can contemplate the traditional life of the Senufo, their beliefs and rites.
Mythological animals are especially important for their meaning  because according to mythology they were the first  beings of creation.
The Korhogo antelopes  are an omen of good fortune
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korhogo cloth inspired embroidery design
Senufo Korhogo antelope
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