LOVE & HARMONY ADINKARA (Osram ne Nsoromma)



is perfect for a romantic personalized item.

Make a couple’s matching outfit or add it to your bedroom decor for some authentic African touches.


Osram ne Nsoromma means “moon and star.” It is a symbol of faithfulness, fondness, harmony, benevolence, love, loyalty, and femininity, from the proverb, “Kyekye pe awaree,” meaning “The North Star loves marriage.” She is always in the sky waiting for the return of the moon, her husband.


The design is suitable for stitching on regular cotton,sweater like fabricks,heavy linnen,denim and fleeces.Not suitable for very thin stretchy fabrics.

Cut away stabilizer is advised.





The meaning of the symbol was taken from The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis. 

LOVE & HARMONY ADINKARA (Osram ne Nsoromma)
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