Make yourself a happy garment with this handsome ASE  afro man design.

Filled with blending technique on the graffiti lettering, and a curly stitch structure in the hair.

Use a glittery metallic thread for the yellow parts or gold to recreate the shiny effect.


Meaning and Origins of the Word “Ase” (àṣẹ)

Ase is pronounced “A-shay” and is used as a term of blessing and affirmation. Similar terms are used in various religions and cultures, it originates in the African Yoruba language. 

Ase’ is meant to affirm a prayer or statement. It is a term filled with passion and energy and is meant to be a bold statement.

As the term, means life force it is also a reference to the Spirit and life force of Ancestors who lend their power to us as we go through our lives. Thus the cumulative power of all of those who have come before us is embodied in the term Ase’.

This is a word of power and helps you to channel your own energy with force and confidence. It is not meant to be a quiet prayer but a strong declaration of passion and intention. It suggests the Spirit and will of your Ancestors is with you in this moment and will continue to work with you as you bring your plans into manifestation.

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