ADAPTABILITY ADINKARA (Funtumfunefu Denkyemfunefu)


The adaptability symbol embroidery design

The design is suitable for stitching on regular cotton,sweater like fabricks,heavy linnen,denim and fleeces.

The size of the adaptabilty symbol makes it perfect to incorporate in quilting blocks.

This adinkara symbol represents two mythical crocodiles.(Funtumfunefu Denkyemfunefu)

They share a stomach but when they get something (food) they strive over it because the sweetness of the food is felt as it passes through the throat

It is a symbol of unity in diversity giving a common destiny, sharing.

Not suitable for very thin stretchy fabrics.

Cut away stabilizer is advised.





The meaning of the symbol was taken from The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis. 

ADAPTABILITY ADINKARA (Funtumfunefu Denkyemfunefu)
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